Water Softener Plant

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When to use Water softener plant?

When water is referred to as 'Hard' it simply means that it contains excess calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) Ions than normal water.

Hydropedia pvt ltd. provides an extensive and comprehensive range of Water Softening Plants. In this process Hard Water is converted to Soft Water.

Science behind this plant?

The softening process consists of passing raw water containing hardness through a bed of cation resin in sodium form. The hardness ions Ca & Mg are taken up by resin and ion exchange, the sodium ions are released from the resin. This is called the service cycle, where the hard water is being softened. Water softening is the act of exchanging dissolved calcium, magnesium (hardness ions) in water with sodium molecules with resin as the exchanging medium. Calcium and magnesium carbonates tend to precipitate out as hard deposits to the surfaces of pipes and heat exchanger surfaces. The resulting build-up of scale can restrict water flow in pipes.