Effluent Treatment Plant

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Why should you use Effluent treatment plant(ETP)?

Water Resources are depleting day by day in several localities. Recycling and reuse of the existing water & wastewater is extremely important to protect our precious resources for domestic, agriculture, commercial and industries.

Our Ideology!

Hydropedia pvt ltd. exploring the opportunity to recover valuable water from various contaminated Water recourse.  We believe that wastewater from any process is not intended for discharge, the valuable water can be recovered by proper design and selection of treatment process steps. We are constantly upgrading our expertise and innovating advanced treatment technologies solutions especially in recycling of wastewater.

Along with strong motivation for recycling of water we have long-term experience in industrial sectors like Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Pesticides, Textile, Food Industries, paper etc. The resulting expertise is advantageously employed for the technical and economic optimization of every subsequent facility.