Swimming Pool Filtration Components

Swimming Pool Filtration System (Trolly Type)

Pipeless Filter

Eye Bull Nozzle
Outer Thread (1.5”)

Width grating PP/White color (8”/10”/12”)

18”(450mm)Alluminium Vaccum Head

Heavy duty Flat net with 5 Micron Mesh

18"/450mm Deluxe Poly bristle wall brush with alum back

Over Type Pool

Swimming Pool Vessel

Pipeless Filter

Flower Nozzle

Vaccum Hose (9mtr/15mtr/30mtr)

14”(350mm) Alluminium Vaccum Head

Heavy duty 15” plastic Deep net with 5 Micron mesh

18"/450mm Standard curved Poly bristle wall brush

Pipeless Pool Filtration

Swimming Pool Light

Standard Skimmer

Suction Nozzle

Basic PH & CL test kit

14foot (3 Layer)Telescopic pole, [Silver Color]

10"/260mm Stainless steel algae brush

Skimmer Type Pool